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HeadSpins Hats

"Your work is splendid, creative, and joyful! Thanks so much!" L.F., customer email

I have only one rule here - and it's to have fun.

HeadSpins are hand-made, hand-dyed freeform wool hats .. with character! They are quite lightweight, airy, flexible, comfortable, and soft, with a lovely pebbled texture and beautiful colors.

I start with white scraps and odd pieces of a 100% USA Wool felt-like material, recycled from the small Taos "woolworks" that makes it for a different product. I hand dye the scraps and then create freeform, original designs that are suggested by the shapes of the scraps themselves; I love to find expressions in them.

HeadSpins are very warm, but they "breathe" and never get hot and sweaty or clingy like polyester fleece hats can. Many folks have told me that they are the most comfortable hats they have ever owned...and they come back for more.

Even tho I have some general styles, no patterns are used in the making of these hats; every one is individually designed and hand-made. And many can be folded and worn in different shapes and styles. They have no "front" or "back", wear them any which way! Each one seems made for someone before I even know who it is, and people know it when they try it on - this one is for them!

Sizing: HeadSpins come in roughly Small (approx 21" head diameter), Medium (approx 22"), or Large (approx 23"); because these hats rest gently on the head, more precise sizing is generally not needed. But of course special requests and alterations are cheerfully provided when possible.

Colors: What happens in the dye pots. For me this is the inspiration of the moment. Tell me a range you like, and I will show you what i have!

Styles: "Flippy-hat" style has a soft, folded over brim, often with pointed ends and little tails. Brimless hats tend to be a pillbox shape and often are appliqued in layers. All other hats are- whatever they are. Of course I will happily provide email images of whatever I have on hand (or should that be On Head?) at any time, and I will take custom orders. Email me with your interests!

Materials/Care: 100% USA Wool needlepunched felt-like fabric (sometimes with beads, handspuns, and other additions). These are quite easy-care; they do not shrink, fade, or bleed, and can be handwashed in lukewarm water and simply set out to dry, or turned inside out and tumbled in dryer. They can be steam-ironed to return their shape... or to find a new one!

Returns and exchanges: are available within reason; of course it's got to be Right for you!

Price range: $65-$110

Payment methods: I take PayPal,VISA/Mastercard, and personal checks.

Ordering Info: Please contact me for ordering and payment details.

Enjoy! Think! Dream!

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